Wednesday Night Bible Studies

On Wednesday evenings, you are invited to come to Good News for a Bible Study.  The Bible study starts at 7pm and runs till 8pm.  If you have children in Jr. or Sr. high they are welcome to come to our Wednesday Night Bible study for young people.  This is a great oppertunity to study God's word in a small group setting.  Currently this study is studying Nothing but the Truth by Brian H. Edwards.

Men's Bible Study: The Book of Luke 

As you study the Gospel of Luke, You'll gain a firm understanding of its historical context, purpose, structure, and meaning. You'll be able to apply its powerful, relevant wisdom to needs and issues you are currently working through. You'll acquire personal study skills and interact with other believers as you grow in Christlikeness through a life changing encounter with God's Word.

Women's Bible Study: 2 Corinthians 

The Apostle Paul has been backed into a corner. After spending 18 months in Corinth helping to establish the church, he moved on to build more churches in Asia Minor. But back in Corinth, false teachers began to infiltrate the church, and they were intent on ruining Paul's character and ministry. This threat to seperate and create chaos among a once unified body. Paul wrote this intensely personal letter to defend his ministry against the slanderous attacks. Like an attorney, he deals firmly with the false teachers and their followers by focusing on Christ. Paul quotes our Savior: "My grace is sufficent for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness."

Come join us as we explore God's word togather.